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Glivera Team brings you top-of-the-line frontend web and regular software development powers shaped by the latest, most relevant market tendencies and our own work experience achievements.

Best Frontend Solutions

One-page app development

We combine the powers of React, Angular, and Vue.js to create smooth and inviting application frontends for single-page solutions.

The single-page approach allows achieving the ultimately fast loading speed by not overburdening system memory and other resources. This is a perfect choice for SaaS product development to reach a powerful marketing impact with your one-page app.

Namely, single-page apps (SPA) boast of:

  1. Rapid loading speeds
  2. No code duplicates
  3. Fast development cycle
  4. Quick cross-platform mobile development

The Prependerer server helps us optimize SEO in advance to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and issues in the future.

How we develop frontend

We have a workflow established by years of operating in the niche, which goes stage by stage:

  • Thorough review of the existing code (if there is any);
  • Development based on continuous integration and other approaches;
  • Pair programming techniques for the ultimate versatility of workflow;
  • End-to-end testing with a) automated in-browser tests; b) perspective-driven tests.

We can analyze the quality of your existing frontend code to highlight the underlying aspects of your product, including:

  • Software architecture
  • Style of coding
  • Fitting coding tech stack
  • CI/CD practices
  • Software infrastructure
  • Product development based on SOLID principles as well as code smells, antipatterns, and object-oriented design approaches

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Glivera Team as your trusty frontend development provider

In terms of backend and frontend development, it is essential to dedicate profiled knowledge and skills to each field and separate them properly. Providing full-scope web development services, we have a whole dedicated department proficient in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other tech handling frontend specifics, which include basically everything a user sees on the web page (text boxes, headings, lists, visual and clickable objects as well as the design of every other element). 

We create top-notch website and web app interface and overall designs, helping you achieve:

  • Vivid, memorable brand presentation through aesthetically pleasing visuals, balanced navigation, and intricately organized text descriptions;
  • Positive psychological impact enabled by a knowledgeable selection of colors and contrasts, balanced design, and well-thought-out visual approaches;
  • Faster and smoother transition of users through the sales funnel to become real clients and loyal users;
  • Optimized work and display of web pages on numerous different platforms, devices, browsers, and OSs;
  • Boosted search ranking due to efficient data structuring, pleasant interface, and smooth, satisfying user experience.

With the frontend we provide, we help you grant hassle-free, motivating site or app interactions for your users or potential customers and clients. We can also tweak and optimize the frontend of an existing or ongoing project to timely improve its efficiency and boost chances of total success in the market. 

Frontend development specifics and nuances we make out at Glivera Team

We believe that the main rule a well-competent frontend development provider should follow is to properly differentiate web page development and frontend web development. Many companies confuse these tasks, missing the main point:

  • web page designers create the carcass – framework or “skeleton” of a web page to be filled with certain functionality and content;
  • frontend is more about the “final frontier” of visuals and functionality end users see and interact with (buttons, images, clickable objects, etc.).

Our specialists use numerous frontend development technologies, tools, and approaches, including Java, a number of JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, jQuery, Angular2, Node.js, etc., HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, MVC/MVVM patterns in design, and more. Their tech skills are backed up by natural talents and abilities gained during years of professional practice.

Looking for frontend professionals to hire, we would recommend pointing out tech savviness, experience, and practice in the underlying tech and approaches (UI/UX design specifics, cross-platform and cross-browser development, mobile optimization, responsive and adaptive design, etc.). 

Work only with competent pros like Glivera Team’s specialists

Glivera Team brings you top-of-the-line frontend web and regular software development powers shaped by the latest, most relevant market tendencies and our own work experience achievements. No matter the size (small, medium or large scale), type (SaaS, eCommerce, ERP, CRM, etc.), and target platforms/devices of your solution, we have a dedicated team of frontend aces to help you achieve the best results.

We focus on transparent communication, thorough tasking approaches, and roadmap-based performance. This allows us to take things stage by stage without missing out on a single element or the tiniest requirement. Take a look through our portfolio to see what we do usually and contact us for a detailed discussion of your future project.