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Professional Frontend Agency For Your Web Projects

The interface of a software solution is the key component of its future success. The front-end part of the application is the one and only thing a customer deals with when visiting your website. And this is the key thing that impacts the visitors’ impression of the website as well as your entire business.

We carefully evaluated the meaning of front-end development and decided to devote our time and skills to solving our customers’ tasks concerning the interface part of the app. This is our love and passion; this is our occupation and way of life. Today, we would like you to find out more about the front-end development agency Glivera-Team.

Glivera-Team: Your Road To Professional Software

We have been working on front-end services for many years. Close cooperation with our partners allowed us to extend borders both personal and professional, enhance our development experience, solve tasks of various complexities and upgrade our skills from project to project.

Lately, we have been enjoying working with the USA clients. The USA market needs a hero to save it from buggy websites – so here we are! Glivera-Team is ready to devote time and expertise to improving the existing front-end solutions and implementing some brand new ideas into your website. High-load huge long-term projects are our focus.

We specialize in complex web development tasks. Do you have an idea for a complicated project that other developers are unwilling to attempt? Have their attempts resulted in unsatisfactory end product? We can take your project and fix it, or make it from scratch.

Our inspiration lies in our clients’ success. There is nothing more pleasant than getting positive reviews and hearing warm, kind and grateful feedback from our former clients. Another thing that is vital for us is meeting new people and building cross-browser web solutions for even more business enthusiasts. Here is what we can help you with:

  • Markup Development

Markup development is a piece of cake for us. Thousands of days working on markup tasks allowed us to reach expertise in this field. Responsive HTML, PSD to Bootstrap, PSD to HTML and similar tasks are nothing new for us.

  • Layout Creating

We devote most of our working hours to beautiful layouts. What we prefer are tasks connected to huge and complex layouts–we know how to build and optimize them for your website.

  • Animation Building

We have vast experience of working with complicated animated websites. No matter what platform or device you would like your website to run on, we can make it real for you.

How Do We Do All Of This?

We specialize in such tools as HTML5, CSS2-3, CSS3 animation, jQuery, GreenSock, Zend/Smarty, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Angular, etc. We can handle anything from landings to huge projects with implementation to WP, RoR, Zend and other engines, as well as cross-platform web sites.

Here are some numbers:

  • 11 years of experience

This is the exact time we have been providing UI/Front-end development services.

  • 1584 projects

This is the overall number of cross-platform web sites we have built.

One of the distinguishing features of our company is that we not only hire skilled developers but also teach juniors and help them integrate into our development group.

Final Thoughts

Our professional frontend web agency will meet all your requirements and breathe life into ideas of any complexity. We will help you with deciding on the technology and understanding each stage of the process. Contact us now to start our fruitful cooperation.