Results of 2018 and future plans

Glivera Team 2019 Frontend Agency

Friends, 2018 was very eventful year for our team and brought us many interesting projects and new customers. Frontend development is one of the most dynamically developing branches of web technologies. Every year new methods, new software appear and conjuncture changes. We are very grateful to our customers for their cooperation and for the opportunity […]

Web animation for modern projects

Web animation for modern projects

Our team specializes in the development of the complex web animation for sites in the USA and Europe, and we have been embodying the most daring design solutions for our customers for several years. Our accumulated experience allows our developers to make rich, presentable and unique sites, introducing different effects and animation to any elements […]

How to become a novice layout designer?

Frontend for beginners

Hello, reader! In this article, I will tell you how to become a novice layout designer. So, after following all the recommendations, you can apply for this position. The article was written for the students of glivera-team, but it can help everyone who decided to master this profession. Let’s study HTML/CSS HTML and CSS – […]

The interview with founder of Glivera-team

Andrey Boyko, the Founder in Glivera-team

Andrey Boyko, the Founder in Glivera-team. Andrey slices, animates, studies, and teaches. During his career, he has successfully completed more than 1500 projects.   How did you get to IT and what was the beginning of your career? Well, the story started while I have been working for about 7 years in the state structure, […]