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Need to complete a web project ASAP?

Need to complete a web project ASAP?
in Front-end | September 22, 2022

The client is delaying design approval, and you have limited time for development? With us, you will meet any deadline and definitelly be satisfied with the result as all our customers. Glivera-Team has a technical process that allows a few developers to work simultaneously on one project and make websites for a short time. For […]


in Front-end | May 23, 2022

The responsive design will reconfigure all design elements whether it’s viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. With adaptive design, different fixed layouts are created that adapt to the user’s screen size. As opposed to the more fluid responsive approach, adaptive design employs multiple sizes of a fixed design. Mobile vs. Desktop vs. […]

We are working, friends 💙💛

The Glivera-Team wants to support businesses in these difficult times
in Front-end | April 1, 2022

The Glivera-Team wants to support businesses in these difficult times. We are in a safe place now that allows us to keep working. Glivera-Team do more projects per month for you now, at least 3 times faster for the same money! How is this possible? Now on the project work minimum three developers and because […]

Help Ukraine – Stop Putin NOW!

Stop bloody Putin now!
in Front-end | February 28, 2022

A bloody war is being waged against Ukraine! Every day people die, houses, factories, roads and bridges are destroyed. Children are killed, shells hit hospitals, convoys with humanitarian aid are destroyed. Russian troops violate ALL principles of humanity. We decided not to stop our work and send MOST part of the money we earn to […]

Core Web Vitals: What It Is and How It Will Impact SEO in 2022

Core Web Vitals: What It Is and How It Will Impact SEO in 2022
in Front-end | January 25, 2022

Core Web Vitals are a critical yardstick for measuring user experience. Many companies are unprepared for Google’s latest announcement that these metrics should serve as ranking signals. Many people are concerned about how a company can make sure their business is not missing out on these metrics and, mediocrely, optimizing the user experience? It all […]

Glivera Team: frontend development at the speed of a tiger in 2022

frontend development at the speed of a tiger in 2022
in Front-end | December 21, 2021

Have you dreamed of finding a fast web frontend development pipeline for the New Year? Glivera-Team will be your Santa Claus! The frontend of the application is the only thing the client has to deal with when they visit your website. And this is the key thing that affects the visitor’s experience of the website, […]

Rapid frontend development – Service for complex and comprehensive web projects

Rapid frontend development
in Front-end | September 18, 2021

If you are looking for built-in grade via the customer experience, Glivera Team is your redeemer. We know how to provide accessible and modular code and turn it into a modern responsive website across all types of devices and browsers.  Our Technology Implementation Services  Glivera Team Front-end Development Agency can boast the experience in safe […]

Stand Out of the Crowd with Fresh Animated Website

Stand Out of the Crowd with Fresh Animated Website
in Front-end | September 9, 2020

At a time when most businesses are selling their goods and services online, having an attractive website is a must for every company. Frontend development is a great option for building an online resource that will be both responsive and user-friendly. From a wide range of available solutions, many entrepreneurs are choosing an animated website […]

Website menu animation using GSAP

website menu animation frontend tricks
in Front-end | June 2, 2020

Let’s consider creating a simple menu animation using GSAP. That’s the result we’ll get at the end. Let’s start implementing website menu. 1.HTML Our structure will be as follows: 2.SCSS 3.JavaScript Let’s declare the variables. At onReady we assign values to them. Create a function with animation and time line. We show the menu. We set the […]