Shopify. Work with sections

Shopify Frontend: work with sections
in Front-end | April 22, 2019

First of all we need to understand what “sections” were embedded for, what exactly they give to the theme developers and to the owners of the stores. The functional of the sections was inculcated by the developers of Shopify at the end of 2016 and it gives an opportunity to create the user interface that […]

Shopify: adding additional information about the user

Shopify adding additional information about the user
in Front-end, Shopify | October 28, 2018

In this article we will add a form with the ability to add a more detailed description of the user – phone number, address, company name, and so on. Let’s create a form where the user can write additional information about himself, but we will not model this form in this article. So, let’s start. […]