WordPress theme development – Connect your styles and scripts

Connect your styles and scripts on WP
in Front-end, Wordpress | March 12, 2020

1. Connect styles So, we already have the pre-integrated slicing, now we need to set up it on WordPress, copy the folders /js and /styles into the theme folder wp-content/themes/test_themes/ In wp-content/themes/test_themes/ we need to create functions.php. To connect your styles in functions.php to the theme write down: register_styles – free-handed function name. wp_register_style – registers CSS file in WordPress. After registration, you can add […]

Developing of WordPress theme – Main definitions

Developing of WordPress theme
in Front-end, Wordpress | January 3, 2020

Main definitions Theme WordPress theme – it’s a common design of the site that includes colour, graphics, and text. The theme – this is what is sometimes called ‘skin’ or ‘template’, but it’s neither one nor the other. ‘Skin’ and ‘template’ is a decoration of the site. WordPress theme is a place where the code meets […]