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2 Javascript functions to speed up the layout creation

2 Javascript functions to speed up the layout
in Front-end | December 15, 2019

Hi, developer! Recently, our team thought that some things we do too often, and we need to optimize these processes. We have written 2 functions that help us to slice faster. To use these functions you need to connect jQuery (even if you have declaimed from it, connect it temporarily). Collect classes from the BEM […]

Organizing form elements with pug

Organizing form elements with Pug
in Front-end | November 12, 2019

Hi, developer! In order to layout faster and to support the project in an easier way, we have made a pug mixin for form elements. It looks like a big sausage code: However, in reality it is a very simple mixin to use. With it, we can do the following types of form elements: input(type=”text”) […]