Glivera Team: frontend development at the speed of a tiger in 2022

in Front-end | December 21, 2021
frontend development at the speed of a tiger in 2022

Have you dreamed of finding a fast web frontend development pipeline for the New Year? Glivera-Team will be your Santa Claus!

The frontend of the application is the only thing the client has to deal with when they visit your website. And this is the key thing that affects the visitor’s experience of the website, as well as of your business in general.

We specialize in tools like HTML5, CSS2-3, CSS3 Animation, jQuery, GreenSock, Zend/Smarty, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Angular, etc. We can handle everything from landing pages to large embed projects in WP, RoR, Zend and other engines as well as cross-platform websites.

Glivera-Team works at the speed of a tiger and will create a layout 2x faster than any other developer, otherwise we will refund your money! We do our job with high quality and pay attention to the smallest details. Let’s break your stereotypes and create a better interface, because our sites work on any device.

About us:

Glivera-Team have been working on frontend services for many years. Here are some numbers:

  1. 10+ years of experience

This is the exact time we have been providing UI/Front-end development services.

  1. 1000+ projects

This is the overall number of cross-platform web sites we have built.

Close cooperation with our partners allowed us to extend borders both personal and professional, enhance our development experience, solve tasks of various complexities and upgrade our skills from project to project. 

Recently, we have been working with US clients. Glivera-Team is ready to devote time and experience to improving existing client solutions and introducing some fundamentally new ideas to your site. Our attention is paid to high-load large long-term projects.

Our professional frontend agency will satisfy all your requirements and breathe life into ideas of any complexity at maximum speed. We will help you determine the technology and understand each stage of the process.

Contact us:

Skype: glivera_28