Stand Out of the Crowd with Fresh Animated Website

in Front-end | September 9, 2020
Stand Out of the Crowd with Fresh Animated Website

At a time when most businesses are selling their goods and services online, having an attractive website is a must for every company. Frontend development is a great option for building an online resource that will be both responsive and user-friendly. From a wide range of available solutions, many entrepreneurs are choosing an animated website because it:

  1. Increases the rate
  2. Gets more quality leads
  3. Boosts credibility
  4. Enhances the level of engagement
  5. Interests the visitors and makes them come back

Animation is an effective tool that you can use on the website to increase targeted traffic and achieve many goals quicker than with text-based content. People appreciate their time now more than ever before. If you want to deliver the user-friendly experience and make their navigation on the website a true pleasure, then web animation is worth your attention.

Web-animation: Key Considerations

Skillful implementation of animation on a website can greatly contribute to its popularity and demand, hence boost all indicators that are significant for the business. Usually, the developers incorporate such types of animation:

  • loading
  • scrolling
  • welcoming animations
  • sidebar navigation
  • image galleries
  • storytelling
  • visual feedback

You may not just implement these popular elements but make them look fresh and innovative thanks to the appearance of new technologies and plugins. ScrollTrigger is one of the most popular plugins that is aimed at changing your vision of traditional web-animation.

What new opportunities does GSAP offer?

A new plugin of a popular GSAP framework allows you to add some fresh view to the website. Using the plugin, you can animate anything on the scroll. Moreover, now your animation will not be lost while scrolling down or up and will remain within eyeshot. ScrollTrigger supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling, checks the last movement, and automatically adjusts to your website. As a result, the animation looks organically and relevant to your content. Also, the plugin is resizing automatically and uses top-rate techniques to enhance performance. Visitors will not suffer from poor-quality page loading because of animated elements. Instead, they can reach their goal and enjoy the awesome look of modern elements.

Where to Order Top-quality Animated Website?

If you want your website to stand out of the crowd and attract more visitors than the resource of your competitors, approaching a professional frontend agency is exactly what you need. Trying to implement web-animation elements on your own may turn out to be a real waste of time and effort as a top-quality animated website requires in-depth expertise and experience. Our agency is offering frontend services for many years and can boast dozens of successful projects. Your website can become our new pride and great achievement. If you have some hesitations or extra questions, feel free to get in touch with our support system to clarify everything at once.