Rapid frontend development – Service for complex and comprehensive web projects

in Front-end | September 18, 2021
Rapid frontend development

If you are looking for built-in grade via the customer experience, Glivera Team is your redeemer. We know how to provide accessible and modular code and turn it into a modern responsive website across all types of devices and browsers. 

Our Technology Implementation Services 

Glivera Team Front-end Development Agency can boast the experience in safe and elaborated technology solutions. If you work with us you will get acquainted with the combination of strategic technical insight with well-reputed delivery driven by certified process, agile methodology and constant research and development activities. 

Speed and Integrated Frontend Experiences

Our frontend development specialists will embody the digital experience you imagine for your users. They closely cooperate with our backend developers to make the logic and design of your app associated. When they reach this aim, styling, visual impact with animations and rich media are added. 

There is no compromise in our front-end coding. Glivera Team will optimize your client-side code for performance and SEO. You will receive an accessible, fast-loading, discoverable and efficient product. 

Accessibility and Quality of Web Projects

Our professional community builds on both the existent and latest standards for Web-development. Glivera Team offers an exclusive service for large and complex projects that require realizing first choice and agile development.

Inclusive and accessible experiences are our commitment. Glivera Team’s front-end code meets the highest standards demanded by public-sector organization and government as well as WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. 

We will also share our adoptions from previous projects for NASA, National Geographic, UNAIDS, The Walt Disney Company, UNESCO, UNICEF and others. 

Appropriate Base for Technical SEO 

Many companies cut corners with technical SEO, but this is not our method. Some crucial things we offer:

  • proper structuring of your pages for search-engines;
  • ensuring optimization and proper placement of all the meta tags, rich snippets and schema markup.

These crucial things will help your potential customers to find you quicker (even though they will not even be aware of this). 

Our promise of quality and client satisfaction is carried all the way through to the frontend.

Optimize Performance

Our frontend code is optimized for super-fast loading and reliable performance across various devices. We aim at reaching a high 90’s score in the Google PageSpeed test.

More than 1000 clients have already praised their fast and accessible experiences with us. It is possible to find their reviews on our website and on other popular resources such as www.upwork.com, clutch.co etc.

We are Lightning-Fast!

Glivera Team boasts 2x faster default speed of the HTML/CSS/JS layout creation than any other developers. Attention to details and premium quality go along with the speed without saying. Moreover, we can manage it faster x3 x4 x5 if you additionally discuss this need with us. Even if your designer missed something, we will provide the best front-end practice by default. You will receive a lifetime guarantee on any of our projects.

Large and complex projects for corporate clients always require a special approach and dead run speed. We have become adept at such projects. Cross-platform codes for all kinds of contemporary systems and browsers are not our only pride. We also create complex animation and fast-loading elements, implement leading-edge technologies in web-developing and so on. 

Our approach and methods allow handling the problems at any levels, be a time and effort savers to our clients and receive wonderful experiences.