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in Front-end | April 1, 2022
The Glivera-Team wants to support businesses in these difficult times

The Glivera-Team wants to support businesses in these difficult times.

We are in a safe place now that allows us to keep working.

Glivera-Team do more projects per month for you now, at least 3 times faster for the same money!

How is this possible? Now on the project work minimum three developers and because of that we finish projects minimum 3x faster.

The speed of development without loss of quality is exactly what is important for business now. We are using the best front-end practice and our sites work on any device.
Animated site of different complexity, that other developers do not can implement.

All our projects have a lifetime guarantee.

We specialize in tools like HTML5, CSS2-3, CSS3 Animation, jQuery, GreenSock, Zend/Smarty, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Angular, etc. We can handle everything from landing pages to large embed projects in WP, RoR, Zend and other engines as well as cross-platform websites.

Our professional frontend agency will satisfy all your requirements and breathe life into ideas of any complexity at maximum speed. We will help you determine the technology and understand each stage of the process.

We support the country’s economy and help the army. Glivera-Team sends a percentage of the money earned to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our wish is to keep patriotic spirit and unity in this difficult time.

Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heroes!